Dress Up and Play

At the Posner Mall in Davenport, there is a place where the little ones can run around, play, and use their imagination. It is called Time In! On October 29th for a couple of hours, they invited the little guest to come and play in their Halloween costumes to have fun and have some treats. They asked if I could take pictures of the little ones with a Halloween themed backdrop. 

There was not a whole lot of room to set up. After setting up and taping off the area to try and keep the little ones from running through the set, helped a little. I could not move more than 2 feet from my camera on the tripod and my main light. With all the little ones running around, I had to be on high alert to make sure my equipment and the little ones stayed safe. After all the picture taking, I did manage to get permission from a few of the parents to use their child’s picture. All-in-all, this was a fun and unique experience and I can not wait till Time In! does this again for Christmas.

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