What is the best time to take portraits?

Ideally, we like to shoot our portraits a couple hours right before sunset. This often produces the best natural lighting for outdoor sessions. When scheduling your session, be prepared for an evening session for best results.

Where will you take our portraits?

All of our shoots are done on location which means they are not done in a studio. You can pick the location or we can work together to find the best spot for you. Often, families like to shoot at their house, a favorite park, the woods, or a place where they are most comfortable.

Can you take our portraits inside our house or indoors in general?

Yes. If you prefer to shoot indoors or both indoors and outdoors, I can do that as well. With the Florida weather, it could be clear and sunny one minute and turn into a thunderstorm the next minute.

What are your payment options and when do I pay?

A $50 non-refundable booking fee is payable at time of booking to guarantee appointment. All sessions must be paid in full before the session starts. You can either pay by cash, check or credit card (we can send you to a secure part of our site to process your payment or securely through my PayPal Here app on my smart phone).

What should I (we) wear?

Come as yourself! Wear what makes you – you! However, we do prefer nice patterns and bold colors as they make for great portraits. There is no need for your whole family to match, but that is completely up to you.

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